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About Bulgogi Brothers Myanmar
Our Eating Out group this month spots Bulgogi Brothers on Narnattaw road at Kamayut township. It is a franchise fine dining restaurant which enters Myanmar’s Korean culture current very recently. Bulgogi means meat on the fire. The restaurant runs its Yangon Franchise just few months ago, but it gets the support of Korean, Japanese and westerners as well as Myanmar locals in short term. Bulgogi Brothers, which runs its franchises in Asian countries including China and in the USA decorates its Yangon franchise in the same array in other countries. You have an option to enter there: the front door on Narnattaw road and the back door after parking your vehicle at Diamond Tower’s underground car park. If you choose the front door, you will see treasure case, which has been shown in Korean movies of ancient times, is used as reception counter. The back of the counter are dining tables. On the wall is a painting of Korean Kings’ birthday ceremony. Private rooms are also available there. A stairs beside the counter leads to the upstair dining room. You can choose private rooms as well as dining tables there too.The significant fact in Bulgogi Brothers is induction oven are installed in each and every table and absorbed fans are also installed at ceiling above each table. The menu is a collective of Korean fare in different regions. Pancake, fried chicken, bean vermicelli and wonton are available in Korean style at A La Carte menu. For appetizer, among Korean style salad (for cold salad), I like Oriental Chilled Beef Salad, Spicy Buckwheat Noodle Salad, Bonguri Kimchi with Premium Quality Kimchi : chinese cabbage kimchi, apple, sweet potato, carrot, and muchroom are packed in chinese cabbage leave in cup style. The design is interesting and sweet and spicy flavours arouse my appetite. You can order two kinds of stew as you like such as seafood and salted and preserved soya beans, or seafood and bean curd, or beef and pork, as Stew Brothers, one of the stew menu in Bulgogi Brothers. Buckwheat Noodle Brothers, a kind of cold noodle, will came in front of you with version: Buckwheat Cold Noodle and Buckwheat Spicy Cold Noodle. It is suitable for warm weather. Bibimbab, Korean mixed rice which is pretty familiar with Korean movie fans, can be available at Bulgogi Brothers as Kings Bibimbab. You can order it with your favourite meat: beef or pork or chicken. I have to tell you grill and hot pot, the main dish of Bulgogi Brothers. You have a lot of options for grill in South Korea’s different regions’ style. Unyang Style Bulgogi is served as its regional style. The minced and marinated beef is moulded as heart design or circle, and has to cook in a pan on induction oven at each table, along with vegetables. For side dish, different kinds of Kimchi and vegetable salad mixed with Korean chili paste are also served. Hot Pot can be ordered with seafood and vegetables, or different mushroom, or the meat you want to eat. Korea Soju compatible with Korean steak and hot pot can be available there. Japan made Sake and French wine and Chile wine, can be available. Bulgogi Brothers also offer Sam Da Soo purified water from South Korea’s Jeju island, Lotte brand ice-cream and ice lolly which are available in various flavour and directly exported from South Korea Chefs in Bulgogi Brothers are trained in South Korea, and polite and dutiful staff offer impeccable service there. Here, good news for busy people who have no time to eat out. It is Lunch Box service. Have a nice time at Bulgogi Brothers!

Cuisine : Korean Food
Good For : Casual dining,Fine dining
Price Ranges : $$$(15,000 - 25,000 MMK)
Our Timings
  • Weekday 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Weekend 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM



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Restaurant Details

Narnattaw Street, SOHO Diamond Codo Ground Floor. Yangon, Myanmar.
10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

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